At Home Teeth Whitening – Is It Right For You?

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Tucson DentistThere are many factors that stain your teeth and cause them to lose their brilliance.  These factors include age, genetic makeup, plaque, antibiotics, consumption of certain unhealthy foods and smoking.  Dull, yellow or stained teeth give a poor impression of one’s personality.  Because of thi,s teeth whitening techniques as growing in popularity.

Teeth whitening techniques are a form of cosmetic dentistry and are also known as dental bleaching.

Many people try to avoid trips to their dentist because of oh….so many reasons 🙂 and instead try to use at home whitening techniques.   The best natural way to enhance the color and brilliance of your teeth is to eat fresh fruits as much as possible. Another tip is to spread pressed strawberries on your teeth and leave the paste on for several minutes.  After which brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.

Another tip is to mix some salt with lemon juice and then spread this mixture on your teeth for several minutes and then rinse and brush as usual.

These at home remedies will have a short term effect at best but are generally safe (take care if you have allergies).

In order to remove stains and to see immediate and stronger effects, some like to use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.  Be careful though.  Hydrogen peroxide is a highly reactive chemicals so proceed carefully as it can do more damage than good if improperly used.

Commercial teeth whitening products include whitening strips, whitening gels, applications using trays and even teeth whitening pens. Although the whitening strips are the cheapest among these above mentioned techniques but the gel trays have better longer lasting effects compared to the other two techniques.

Before using any technique to whiten your teeth, make sure of two things first is that you consult your dentist. While taking into consideration your health condition, medication that you are taking or if you are using any dentures or fillings your dentist can suggest the best remedy for you. Secondly follow the instructions carefully given for the use of any commercial teeth whitening products.

Arizona Dental Medicine offers professional “take home teeth whitening” products and an in-office procedure using Zoom!. If you are considering any kind of teeth whitening procedure call Dr. Riley for a no-obligation consultation.  She’ll help you determine the best options for your specific goals.  Call today..520-297-9069