Bullet-proof Your Smile With Zirconium Crowns

In the past, dentists have relied on full-cast gold and porcelain metal crowns and bridges.  Using such materials guaranteed durability and strength.  One of the downsides to such crowns is the look and taste of metal that is then ever present in your mouth.Tucson Dentist

Today there is a solution provided by BruxZir.  BruxZir makes a product that is made from virtually unbreakable, biocompatible medical-grade zirconium.  This is the exact element that is used to make bulletproof military armor.  There is no porcelain overlay so it is more resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking in the mouth.  This makes BruxZir  dental crowns and bridges ideal for people who grind their teeth, or those who have broken their natural teeth or porcelain restorations in the past.

If you are in need of a crown or bridge why not consider Bruxir…not only is it virtually unbreakable, it is visually pleasing as your dental professional can make your BruxZir crown look like your natural teeth.

Call Arizona Dental Medicine today to see if BruxZir zirconia crowns and bridges are your ideal solution for your dental needs.