Does My Dental Insurance Pay?

If you have dental insurance coverage, like most people, you want to know how much of the treatment will be covered and how Tucson dentistmuch out-of-pocket expense will I have?

Most dental benefit plans arise from an agreement between an insurance company and a plan sponsor [employer or union]. There are literally hundreds of plans with endless variables concerning limitations, exclusions, deductibles, annual of lifetime maximum benefits, co-payments and fee schedules. If you have changed jobs, your new plan may not have any resemblance to your old one.

If you are being offered a plan, ask if there are several plans from which to choose. Beside yourself, who in the family will be covered? See if the plan you choose covers pre-existing conditions. If the plan is provided by your union or employer, is there any direct cost to you? If so, how much? Compare this with what you understand the benefits of the program to be.

If you already have dental insurance, we need you to bring in specific information for us to give you the best advice as to your coverage. We must have your insurance policy and ID number. Most important, bring your benefits booklet. If you don’t have one, call your employer or insurance company and request it.

Once we read the benefits book, we can project a general idea for what services and treatment are covered and the percentage of reimbursement. Many third party payers request a “predetermination of benefits” on treatment plans. We can submit the proper form and appropriate records to the insurance company. They will return it with the accepted, allowable treatment and the exact amount of coverage.

Once we have reviewed your plan, we should be able to answer most of your questions. Some plans will only allow the least expensive way to treat a problem, regardless of your choice or our recommendation. We would hope that you don’t base your dental needs and oral health solely on what benefits your plan allows. Our office will be happy to discuss a variety of financial arrangements that will make it possible to receive the treatment you need, while maximizing your insurance benefits.

Suffering From Chronic Headaches? A Visit To Your Dentist Could Be The Solution.

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Do you suffer from headaches on a regular basis?  If so then it’s a good idea to tell your dentist about them.  Depending on the type of headache, your dentist may be able to provide you with a solution to overcoming them.Tucson Dentist

Headaches are generally classified into 4 basic types:

– Pain is behind the brow bone and/or cheekbones.

Cluster – Pain is in and around one eye.

Tension – Pain is like a band that is squeezing the head

Migraine –
The classic form consists of pain, nausea, and visual changes

The tension headache is by far the most common of all the headaches.  Research estimates the number being as high as 90%.  Over the counter pain medication will often times control the symptoms and discomfort.  However if they occur with some regularity and have persisted for a long period of time it is a good idea to discuss them with your dentist.

The muscles of the temple area of your forehead play a vital role in controlling and closing the jaw.  If your occlusion or bite isn’t aligned properly you can experience abnormal tension in these muscles.  This can be a cause of your tension headaches.

If the bite is not corrected the muscles remain tight and tense for longer periods of time.  The contracted muscle doesn’t get a chance to rest and soon suffers from poor circulation due to a lack of oxygen.  Waste products also accumulate.  The end result is pain or a headache.

At Arizona Dental Medicine, we specialize in technology that allows us to objectively evaluate the state of your muscles and other factors that may be affecting your bite.  Based on this evaluation and a comprehensive exam we can rule in or out your bite being a possible cause of your chronic headaches.

If we determine that your bite is indeed the source of your pain then one option is a custom made orthotic.  An orthotic is a plastic appliance that is worn over or fixed on your teeth to align your bite.

We may then discuss options on how to permanently correct your bite.

Stop suffering from chronic headaches.  Call Arizona Dental Medicine today to set up your evaluation.  You deserve a pain free life!  520- 297-9069