A Beautiful Smile Is Precious And Priceless

Get Shades Lighter using Teeth Whitening with ZoomDid you know that the shape, shade, length and spacing of your teeth could significantly affect your smile? And our smiles can greatly affect our self-esteem and confidence. Common conditions that impact negatively on your smile include broken, cracked or worn teeth, discolored teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, decayed teeth, gaps between your teeth and/or “gummy smiles.” The good news is that with modern technology and improved materials, these situations can be dramatically changed to create natural looking and long-lasting beautiful smiles. Each patient and each specific circumstance must be evaluated on its own merits. Factors such as occlusion [bite], oral habits, available space, health of the gum tissue, severity of the problem and patient expectation must be taken into consideration while planning your cosmetic makeover. Depending on the situation, there are a variety of choices that all result in excellent esthetic outcomes. For whiter natural teeth, in-office or at-home bleaching [whitening] techniques are available. Repairing teeth or closing spaces may be accomplished with tooth-colored composite resin bonding, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. These procedures vary in time and cost and have differences in longevity and appearance. If you’re not satisfied with your smile or want to learn if you’re a good candidate for any of these remarkable techniques, call our office for a cosmetic consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Which Procedure Is Right For You?

Tucson Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentistry has come a long way. Today there are numerous ways to improve and enhance your smile. To begin, a professional cleaning in your dental office can eliminate stains and brighten your teeth.

To achieve the smile you have always dreamed about there are many more options available with your professional Tucson dentist.


This procedure lightens or whitens stained or discolored teeth without and work done to change the shape or placement of the teeth in your mouth. Best results are usually attained in the dental office but there are take-home kits that are available.


Veneers are thin, porcelain laminates can be bonded to the front teeth. This procedure closes gaps and/or changes the size, shape and color of your teeth.


This procedure is used to fill spaces between teeth or to repair chips and alter tooth shape. Composite material is bonded to your tooth and then shaped by your dentist and polished to best function and look.

Fillings & Inlays

Are you tired of your unsightly silver fillings? This is your answer. Your dentist will replace your silver/mercury amalgam fillings with a composite material that matches your tooth color. Besides being color matched, porcelain inlays save more tooth structure than fillings.

Bridges or Implants

Your dentist uses bridges or implants to fill a space where teeth are missing. There is newer technology available that uses a titanium implant in the jawbone to support artificial teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

If you have badly damaged or decayed teeth then a procelain crown is your answer. Your dentist will remove the the damage and decay and cement in a toothlike cap that is optimally matched to your tooth color.


This includes the varied procedures used to realign your teeth and change your bite to enhance both your smile and your overall oral health.

Confused as to where to begin?

The first step is to talk things over with your dentist.  Talk candidly about your concerns and your overall goals.  Simple problems are often quickly and easily resolved.

Ideally you will receive a full evaluation and diagnosis from your dentist.  She can then discuss options in detail with you.  Advantages and disadvantages of each procedure will be discussed and a treatment plan constructed.

Make sure you talk about cost and see if your insurance plan covers procedures you are considering.


Ready to get started?

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