Choosing The Right Dental Partial or Bridge

A dental partial, otherwise knows as a dental bridge, is a prosthetic that goes in the mouth to replace missing teeth.

If you have a few teeth that are missing there are many benefits to having a dental partial (besides appearance).tucson dentist

1.  It will be easier to speak and chew your food.

2.  It will help maintain the shape of your face.

3.  It will prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

4.  It will help to prevent problems that are caused by changes in teeth spacing, such as TMJ, headaches and earaches.

There are many choices of materials available to use in creating a custom designed partial.  At Arizona Dental Medicine we work closely with our patients to make sure that together we choose the partial that is best suited for you both mechanically and cosmetically.

Because we are concerned with your overall health we work closely with you to help you choose the right and perfect product for your particular situation.  In many cases we recommend metal-free products as they are more aesthetically appealing and often times feel better in your mouth.

One choice that we regularly work with  is Valplast.  Valplast is a durable tissue colored thermoplastic that can be used in the mouth without metal.

Getting a new partial can be simple and painless.  Call Dr. Riley today at 520-297-9069 to schedule your consultation for dental partials.