Get Your Best Smile With Zoom! Teeth Whitening

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Your teeth have become stained over a lifetime of eating various foods and drinks.  New and improved innovations now allow dentists to whiten teeth without changing or damaging your underlying tooth structure.

All teeth whitening methods are based on the same premise.  However some are more effective than others due to the way the whiting material is applied to the teeth.  Another difference in effectiveness is the concentration of whitening material.  This is why over the counter methods typically don’t work as well as the systems delivered by a dental professional.

The two main methods of professional whitening done by a dentist are tray whitening and whitening done in the dental office.
If you choose to go the tray whitening route a custom tray is made for you after the dentist takes an impression of your teeth.  You are then given a precise supply of whitening gel to be applied at home.  You will receive specific instructions from your dentist about when and how long you will have to wear they tray until you achieve your desired results.

One common side effect of this method of whitening is teeth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening done in the dental office is the most effective method of whitening. There are a couple of different ways/brands that are available for… Britesmile, Zoom!, and Laser whitening.

Although they are different products the process is similar and you can have your teeth whitened in just one session with with fantastic results. A professional dentist can give you more detailed information and tell you which method is the best for your situation, goals, and teeth.

Arizona Dental Medicine uses the Zoom! teeth whitening system.  Achieve the smile you have always wanted.  Call our office today and schedule your teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Riley.  520-297-9069