Tucson Cosmetic Dentistry – Erase Visible Signs Of Aging

Tucson Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the key to your facial appearance. In fact, it is the first thing that most people see when meeting

Tucson Cosmetic Dentistry
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you for the first time.  So isn’t it in your best interest to do something about any old, worn, chipped and discolored teeth you have?  And remove these obvious clues to aging. The essence of good Tucson cosmetic dentistry is to combine modern techniques with artistic flair – so that nobody can guess what’s been done and you only look and feel fabulous.

Here are some easy ways to improve your teeth!

Re-contouring: A little bleaching whitens the teeth and slight reshaping restores the edges of the teeth to what they were in youth.

Replacing fillings: Using modern materials for the front and most prominent teeth can cause the dental restoration work to blend in with the general colour of the tooth.

Bonding: A synthetic material that looks like natural tooth enamel is bonded to the enamel tooth surface. Because it can be shaped and polished, this material can alter the colour, texture, size, shape and even, to an extent, the position of the teeth. The treatment can be applied to the eight to twelve upper front teeth. It lasts from three to six years.

Veneering: A technique similar to bonding ? only more permanent. A thin, hard porcelain veneer is individually made for each tooth to the correct colour, size and shape. Porcelain is as durable as the original tooth enamel so the restored tooth will last for decades rather than years. Veneering is often done on front incisor teeth that have been damaged.


Tucson Cosmetic Dentistry

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